Embraces Scottish and American roots music in their myriad of flavours and forms. Mairi’s songs command attention and reward it.
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A strong singer-songwriter with an acute sense of modern folk influenced music. Mairi Orr crosses the Transatlantic gap with ease.
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First and foremost a storyteller, her knack of getting into character evokes deeper emotions and meanings than a casual observer could. Spiral Earth

STORIES PASSED DOWN AND THOSE UNTOLD, tales of treachery and witchcraft, voices from past and present, fact and fiction intertwined.


Crafting lyrics and defining them with her empathetic vocal style, Mairi Orr is a singer songwriter who embraces the musical connection between Scottish and American folk traditions and brings to it her own contemporary interpretation.


Growing up in the Lochaber village of Morar and moving around for much of her adult life, her roots have remained an anchor and play a major role in her songwriting. Through travelling, and living in London before Edinburgh, she found a renewed interest in her own cultural heritage. The Lothians acoustic and bluegrass scene was a springboard and a supportive community in which she participated and performed for many years.


Now back in her native West Highlands, she is taking time out for family, but is involved with musical projects where time allows.


Two releases of original songs penned by Mairi Orr are available.

(Album 2015)
12 original tracks

Available from:
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(EP 2011)
5 original tracks

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A lively, vibrant village festival that celebrates Roots, Bluegrass and Alt Country West Highland style!




Crow County Pickers is a musical collaboration of old friends who blend effortlessly with their natural empathy and shared passion for Americana music. From Scotland, members Dave Currie, Mairi Orr, Craig McKinney and Alan Finn have individually forged their own names on the Scottish bluegrass and Americana scene. Find out more on Facebook:

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